Italy Holds Top Spot: Europe’s Most Powerful Passport in June 2024

The Italian passport has earned the distinction of being the most powerful in Europe and the second strongest globally, providing Italian citizens with significant travel advantages. The Passport Index reports that the Italian passport achieved a score of 90.49, allowing visa-free travel to 107 countries.

In addition to visa-free access, Italian citizens can enter 44 countries without needing a passport, a privilege not extended to Singaporeans, despite their passport being the world’s strongest.

Italian Passport: Europe’s Leading Travel Document for Three Months

For three consecutive months, Italy’s passport has topped the European rankings and secured the second spot worldwide. In February and March, it was the third most powerful passport globally and second within the EU, trailing only Spain. The Italian passport facilitates entry into ten countries with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and permits Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) access in 20 countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, 16 countries, such as Azerbaijan, India, Russia, and Uganda, offer eVisas to Italian citizens. However, 17 countries, including Afghanistan, Algeria, and Cuba, still require traditional visas for entry.

Spain and France hold the third and fourth positions, with their passports allowing entry to 106 and 104 countries, respectively. Both Spanish and French citizens face visa requirements for 17 countries, with passport scores of 90.48 and 90.45.

Overall, EU passports generally offer extensive global mobility, with most ranking within the top 20 worldwide.

Singaporean Passport: The World’s Most Powerful for Four Straight Months

The exceptional mobility provided by the Singaporean passport has distinguished it as the world’s strongest for four consecutive months: March, April, May, and June.  Holders of the Singaporean passport can travel visa-free to 159 countries, including the Schengen Area, Australia, the UK, and the US.  Moreover, 27 countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, require Singaporean citizens to obtain a VOA.  However, Singaporeans still face visa requirements for 19 countries, including Afghanistan, Chad, North Korea, Iraq, and Syria. This consistent ranking highlights the unparalleled travel freedom afforded to Singaporean citizens

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